Redesigning a Retail & Renovations Website — UX Case Study

Problem Statement

My Role

My Process


Understanding User Needs

  • A user-friendly and visually appealing website design.
  • Clear and detailed product information and descriptions.
  • Easy and secure online payment options.
  • A reliable and responsive customer support team.
  • Access to customer reviews and ratings to help inform purchasing decisions.

Analyzing Business objectives

  • Improving the overall customer experience on the website.
  • Increasing website traffic and engagement.
  • Expanding the company’s reach and customer base.
  • Improving search engine rankings and visibility.
  • Enhancing the company’s reputation and brand image.
  • Providing an efficient and user-friendly platform for online sales and transactions.


Identifying Key User Pain Points.

  • Locating information about the business, such as its location, contact information, and services, is difficult.
  • Customers are unable to access online reviews and ratings, which can provide valuable insight into the experience of others.
  • Making appointments or reservations online is difficult, leading to inconvenience and potential missed opportunities.
  • Poor communication and customer experience due to difficulty reaching out for customer support, feedback, or complaints.
  • Online payment options are limited, making it difficult for users to pay quickly and easily.

HMW statements

  • How might we improve the user experience of the business’s website or online platform?
  • How might we make it easy for users to find information about the business, such as their location, contact details, and services offered?
  • How might we provide users with access to online reviews and ratings to help them make informed decisions about the business?
  • How might we make it easy for users to book appointments or make reservations online, without causing inconvenience or missed opportunities?
  • How might we make it easy for users to contact the business and ask questions or clarify information?
  • How might we improve communication and customer support to enhance the customer experience and address any feedback or complaints?

Design Strategies to Help Solve the identified problems

User Personas

User Journey Map

Information Architecture

Visual Design


Design System

High-Fidelity Design

Live Prototype

Iterations and Developer Hand-off



  • My biggest challenge was to work with limited data. Since I could not get in direct contact with the target audience, interview them, or conduct surveys in that region, due to demographic limitations.
  • There was often a conflict between user needs and business requirements that made it challenging to balance both.
  • In addition, I faced the challenge of delivering a new experience to the user while preserving the previous brand identity, since both themes weren’t identical.

Future Scope

  • Using Chatbots to help guide the user in whatever they need.
  • Allow users to schedule appointments right through the portal.
  • Planning and estimation tool that would help customers plan a budget for their renovations.
  • Integration with Social Media platforms.
  • A blog section with engaging content about renovations and design.



UX Designer, psychology enthusiast, part-time philosopher and bibliophile. 🌻

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Neeha Fathima

UX Designer, psychology enthusiast, part-time philosopher and bibliophile. 🌻