My Love For Fiction

Neeha Fathima
2 min readMar 4, 2022


Imagination and Fiction make up more than three quarters of our real lives ~Simone Weil

Why I fell in love with fiction.

Fiction lets us dream, lets us enjoy the beauty of another world, no matter the circumstance you’re currently living under. It allows you to let go of the mundane chaos, drama, & reality and escape into this magnificent prism of hope and delight.

From our first short storybook to our first comic, to our first Novel, we all learn so much from words. And Fiction is what truly pushes a child’s imagination. It allows a child to really picture and remake a world of their own, build every character with every minute detail in their mind.

There is so much creativity in Fiction, there’s so much hope.

We, mortals, have only progressed as far as we have because we allowed ourselves to imagine, to think, & to create boundlessly, despite the societal obligations, and despite all the spite that we deal with along the way.

And I think Fiction has a lot to do with allowing a person, to hope, think, create, and make us truly believe that we aren’t limited to what we have today.

Fiction & our daily lives

We consume Fictional content on a daily basis today, be it through a Book, a Movie, or a TV Series. I think the entire human civilization is somehow a sucker for stories. We love a good tale, believable or not. We like to live in those tales for moments to distract us from our current reality.

If you look closely you’ll see a story behind every commercial, behind every advertisement, and behind every person. Building a story is a legitimate and super effective marketing strategy too, you give your product a character, a backstory that gets people emotionally connected, and that is all you need for people to get hooked to your product.

The Ending Note

Feed your imaginations, create in whatever way that suits you, and share your stories, you’d be surprised how many people would pause to listen to what you’ve got. If you want to plant new ideas, then learn from the ones that already exist, and observe the world around you.



Neeha Fathima

UX Designer, psychology enthusiast, part-time philosopher and bibliophile. 🌻