Redesigning Krispy Kreme app for a better user experience.

Neeha Fathima
6 min readAug 21, 2022


🎖️Role: UX Designer

I have always loved a little sugar rush, especially when craving it. Donuts have been one of my favorite desserts for a long time. Due to this, I end up ordering them home once or twice every month. The Krispy Kreme Donut chain makes the most delicious and mouth-watering donuts which are utterly irresistible. If you haven’t tried their chocolate dream cake I would highly recommend it!

🍩Krispy Kreme is an American donut company and coffeehouse chain. They first opened in India on January 19, 2013.

Problem Statement

The problem I am addressing is the lack of a direct connection between Krispy Kreme and its customers, which is resulting in a loss of potential customers and sales. My goal is to improve the customer experience and increase sales by developing a mobile application that provides a convenient and easy way for customers to view the menu, place orders, and connect with the brand. This UX case study will focus on redesigning the application’s UI to provide a better experience.

🚗My Process

As part of the redesign process for the Krispy Kreme app, I conducted secondary research to gather existing information and data on mobile app design and usability. This involved looking at research reports and industry publications, as well as analyzing the current app to understand its strengths and weaknesses. This information was used to inform the design process and identify areas for improvements, such as difficulties with navigation and order. Additionally, the research provided insights into user preferences and behaviors, which I used to tailor the design to the target audience.

📌 Identified Pain Points and HMW statements

  • Users have difficulty finding items in the menu
  • Users have difficulty finding the store location or contact information
  • The app does not provide enough information about the products or promotions
  • The checkout process is confusing or time-consuming
  • The app does not support multiple payment methods

🤔HMW statements:

  • How might we make it easier for users to navigate the app?
  • How might we improve the login process for the app?
  • How might we simplify the process of placing orders on the app?
  • How might we make it easier for users to find items on the menu?
  • How might we provide more information about store locations and contact information?
  • How might we improve the product and promotion information on the app?
  • How might we make the checkout process more efficient and user-friendly?
  • How might we support multiple payment methods on the app?

👤Fictional User Personas

📝Strategizing Solutions

Initially, I sought out to make a list of potential improvements, and fixes I would work on, to improve the experience based on my research.

  • Create a clear and intuitive menu structure with clear labels and an appropriate hierarchy for easier navigation.
  • Offer multiple login options and provide clear instructions and error messages for the login process.
  • Simplify the ordering process by providing clear step-by-step instructions and visual cues, as well as allowing users to save their favorite items and addresses for easy reordering.
  • Make it easier to find items on the menu by providing a search bar and filter options, as well as relevant product recommendations.
  • Provide more information about store locations and contact details by creating a dedicated page with an interactive map and contact details for each location.
  • Improve product and promotion information by providing detailed product descriptions, images, and reviews, as well as personalized promotion recommendations.
  • Make the checkout process more efficient and user-friendly by providing a clear summary of the order and allowing users to easily edit and review their information and payment details.
  • Support multiple payment methods by providing a range of options and allowing users to easily switch between them.

✅UI Requirement Jot Down

As a UX designer, I use information architecture and user flows to create logical and intuitive navigation for users. By understanding the different components of the product or service and the user’s goals, I can make informed design decisions and ensure consistency across devices. This helps to improve usability and user satisfaction with the product or service.

🔀Information Architecture

🔃User Flow


🎨Color Palette



🔗Check out my Design System on Notion

🔗Check out my Design System on Figma

👆Click on the screen to start the Prototype

This project gave me an opportunity to execute and run through the entire process of design rather than just understanding it theoretically. It gave me insights into how much thought needs to go into the development of every component. Documenting and organizing my work gave me clarity on how to proceed to the next step, which is otherwise overwhelming.
I adapted to the secondary method of research, which may not be the best way to create products that serve best to the users, so I intend to improve on that factor in my further projects.


  • Understanding diverse users
  • Incorporating designs based on an already existing theme.

🏹Future scope

  • pre-schedule delivery.
  • subscriptions.
  • Customize your own donut.
  • Customer service Chatbot.

❓What can I do better?

  • In-depth competitive analysis.
  • Conducting interviews and user research with diverse participants.
  • Usability test of the prototype with users.
  • Collaboration with peers for better insights.



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